Keep the water flowing - drain clearing and unblocking

Emergency Drain Unblocking - In the case of a blocked drain flooding water or sewerage your home or garden call us immediately!


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Our drainage specialist can unblock your sink, toilet, bath, shower or outside drains

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Easy fixed price unblocking

Simple Unblocks from £96

If your toilet or sink is blocked by an obstruction between the toilet bowl / sink and the vertical stack pipe, it may be possible to remove it using manual tools such as rods, plungers, or even gauntlets.

The work will be carried out safely and hygienically, with any blockage safely removed and disposed of, leaving your bathroom in a clean and tidy state.







Deep Rooted Unblock Quotes available

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If the problem goes further than the toilet /sink and is linked to the soil pipe, we may have to use equipment / feed hose pipes down the pipe in order to clear the blockage. Or, if the fault is where your internal pipes meet your outside drains, we may have to access them via the manhole in your property using drain rods or other equipment.

More extensive pipework and drainange issues will require more work and prices are available on request.


Blocked Drains

A blocked drain in or around the home can not only cause damage to your home, but it can be a really smelly problem as well. If you can keep your drains functioning properly and with little problems, you'll find that blockages and other issues rarely arise.


Prevention is usually far more effective than cure

Don't wait for an emergency ensure that you check your drainage regularly and keep ofn top of maintenance and repairs. We offer a full range of drainage services


If despite you best efforts there is a still a blockage - Give us a call and we'll deal with it!


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