Powerflush can help if you are experiencing heating problems such as cold radiators, noisy boiler or constantly having to bleed your radiators. A powerflush by the powerflushing experts could be the answer.

Powerflush available from only £249 - SAVE 20% off powerflushing when replacing your boiler - contact us on 01609 775233 to book now! 




Why powerflush? 

Over time sludge and debris build up in your heating system causing heating problems. The sludge settles in the bottom of radiators and lines the pipework.This not only makes

your heating inefficient but it also causes damage to the pump, valves and even your boiler, which can lead to costly repairs 

and replacement of parts.


Power flushing your central heating system means cleaning the central heating water, the pipes, pump, radiators and the boiler, everything that the central heating water runs through. 


Partially blocked heating pipe








Benefits of a powerflush

  • Hotter radiators - keep your house warmer
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  • More efficient heating - cheaper fuel bills
  • Reduce repair costs - prolongs the life of your boiler, pump and whole heating system
  • Reduce noise - solve annoying banging, whirring and clanking from your system 


Maintenance & service plans

If you have a maintenance / service plan with an energy provider (eg British Gas Homecare) they can insist that a powerflush is carried out to protect your system. We can do this for you - often at half the price charged by your plan provider and issue a certificate to prove it has been done which is accepted by them. 


Manufacturers boiler warranty 

Most boiler manufacturers now insist that a powerflush is carried out prior to installing a new boiler. If this is not done the boiler warranty is not valid. We install a full range of boilers by a range of manufacturers and will happily include the powerflush with your boiler installation. However, if you are using another boiler installer we can still carry out the powerflush and often at better prices than our competitors and still  issue a certificate which is accepted by manufacturers to prove that a powerflush has been successfully carried out. 


Specialist equipment 

Powerflushing is done by connecting a power flush machine to the system's circulating pump or a radiator, adding special cleaning agents and circulating the central heating water at high flow rates, using a combination of chemicals and magnets to aid the cleaning process. The dirty water and sludge is replaced with clean water. We add inhibitor to protect the system which reduces future build up of sludge and recommend that a Magnaclean filter is installed to further protect the system.


The top picture shows a new Magnaclean magnetic filter 

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The bottom picture shows the sludge / debris that has been collected by the filter 


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Knowledgeable and experienced experts

Our fully qualified heating engineers are knowledgeable and experienced in carrying out powerflushing and heating repairs. Not only can we ensure that the whole system has been cleaned, but in severe cases of pipe blockage or when corroded or damaged pipework is discovered we can replace pipework and radiators if required. 


Gas Safe & OFTEC Registered technicians

If your boiler needs servicing or you pump, valves or other parts need replacing our fully qualified heating engineers can carry out all required work at the same time - saving you both time and money!


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